Happy New Year 2016

As we move into a New Year may we all co-create the dream of becoming a planet of Unity Consciousness! Peace, Love and Abundance for all!

The Faery Imprint in the Tree Trunk is Magical! Can You See Her?

“Hours before I decided to post this photo on the Internet I chose this card in my oracle reading from The Faerie Oracle deck by Brian Froud. It is called, 'The Faery Who Was Kissed by the Pixies.' The pixies were validating the faery in the right-photo on the tree trunk! Can you see her? She is waving her wand with faerie dust! I love how the faeries communicate through nature. They are always leaving signs and symbols of their presence. As you enter a forest or place in nature act as if it is all magical. When you believe in the wonder and pause, you will discover their magic!” Happy Trails, Laura

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