Faerie Encounter in McDowell Creek Park, OR

In my recent blog post titled, Perceive the World Through a Higher Frequency, I discussed when you allow the nature beings in nature to show you who they are it opens a doorway for them to be revealed or communicate with you. Sometimes we get a fixed attitude and may plea for their attention. Like any other relationship it is built on trust and love. Imagine yourself as a child that is ready at any moment for the wonderment of new possibilities. Let go of the programmed expectations of what you are comfortable with and be open to who or what you might experience. You may see a glimpse of a face in a tree—then it is gone. You could doubt you saw it but it was the nature beings frequency givin

Perceive the world through a higher frequency!

Through photography I would like to show an example of how your perception can shift how you see the world! More importantly how it can mirror itself back to you. The photographs A &B above were taken in the same location but not on the same day. I shot each photograph on a different day approximately 3 weeks of each other. The location is Depoe Bay, OR. The first Photo-A was the first time I had visited this forest. I entered with a joyful heart, reverence for all that lived there and had no judgements or preconceived expectations. When I came to this tree I was overjoyed! I could see a lot of energy in the curve of this particular branch. The energy in the forest was high that day which ad

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