Happy Spring 2016

HAPPY SPRING! The word for today is Celebrate! The faeries are celebrating the rebirth of Spring. Above is one of my images from my nature oracle deck I am completing. Go out and share the love and beauty of nature! Celebrate your experience: The beauty of nature, the freewill of choice and the ability to blossom through love. Happy Trails my Friends! Faerie wink! Laura www.beingenchanted.com

Good Deeds Bring In The MAGIC!

Through my relationship with the elementals and nature realm I have learned a very important lesson. To create flow and connection with the other realms, your actions of kindness, openness and good deeds speak directly to them—through choice! It open doors for them to gift back to you their love and magic!—It is a give and receive exchange. One day I was weeding my garden and looked down on the ground next to my gnome statue. I saw a glimmer in the dirt and felt a wave of love go through my heart! The gnomes in my yard were sending a loving-message-telepathically. I picked it up to discover—it was a tiny green hummingbird feather! I was so grateful for the gift. A couple days before, I

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