Dancing Golden White Faeries!

Check out this video of the Dancing Golden White Faeries! I invite you on a nature journey in the forest. My friend Shay and I encountered golden white dancing faeries and and faces in the trees! Open and receive the golden unconditional love from the faerie realm! Ahhhh.... Above Photo: Close-up of Golden White Faeries appearing on rock! Above Photo: Nature Being reveals itself in tree branch! Happy Trails, Laura and the Faeries!

Faeries and Fairy King revealed in tree!

About a month ago I was guided by Spirit to visit a place I had never been before. I just got in my car and trusted that wherever I went I was to bring light, love and peace. I came upon a small park and could feel the energy emanating from this tree. The tree has 7 trunks. That is usually an old tree and can be a portal. As I approached the tree I took photos and connected with it energetically. I was told by my guide in the photo where my finger was pointing up was a group that lived in Inner Earth and used the tree to transport between the dimensions of Inner Earth and Surface Earth. The face in the tree was looking up at a Faerie King with a robe and crown made of moss! Right above my fi

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