Faery Stories with Laura Walthers - Elemental Connections

I invite you to experience a wonderful interview created by Layla May Vision teller Laura Walthers, shares her journey of becoming a photographer of the Elemental Realms. Laura shares many of her stories, experiences and photographs with us. This is a rich conversation, including information about our multidimensional nature, how there is no hierarchy within these realms, how the elementals create through love, sound and vibration. Plus we are graced by some pretty amazing Faery action on my side of the camera too! Check it out at about 40mins in. . . rainbows and faeries! At the end of the interview Laura shares a beautiful Faery Blessing. Below are some closeup photos that were shown in t

Enchanted Walk - Rock Beings Revealed!

It was a very enchanting day. I took my friend Shay to visit a beautiful magical place in Oregon, Opal Creek-3-Pools. When you choose to live consciously—nature mirrors the many levels of consciousness back to you. So you may ask, "What does that mean—to live 'consciously'? It stems from believing—all things in creation are connected. From that point of unity consciousness it grows into allowing that higher part of you to come forward. This opens you up to the many dimensions around you in your reality. So when you are in nature the many levels of beings can connect with you and play and celebrate life with you! I invite you to walk with Shay and I and SEE the many ways this can happen! Happ

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