Portal of Blue Faerie Orbs!

This photograph was taken in Opal Creek Wilderness Park, OR, years ago. I could feel something near this driftwood piece laying on the edge of the river bank. I crouched down on my tummy and set up my camera and tripod. I did not see the faeries as I was taking the photograph. They showed up later when I was viewing the image. To my surprise, what I was feeling—recorded as a lovely gathering of blue colored faeries! You can see the barrel of my wide angle lens in each of the four corners of the image. Enjoy the energy in the photograph! Happy Trails, Laura and the Blue Faeries! :-)

Faery inside Quartz Crystal

This beautiful quartz crystal wanted to give a message today of clarity! Can you see the faery in the middle and the faery being peeking through the right side? I originally bought it in Sedona many years ago. The crystals are living beings and they can be amazing tools of healing and enlightenment. ( I gifted it to my dear friend Bella Dessa and have permission to show her beauty!) Enjoy! Love, Laura

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