Tree Dryad Reveals Himself in Tree!

As our DNA upgrades with all the amazing energy our planet is receiving, we will start to see and feel nature in new ways! It was twilight in the forest and as I walked by this grove of trees I could see a faint face in the tree. I felt his presence and hoped he would show up in the photograph. I hope you enjoy his kind and wise vibration! Say hello to this old friend in the forest! Above Photo: Photograph was shot in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, CA - by Laura Walthers I am always amazed and grateful when the tree spirits reveal themselves. I love to share them so you too can experience their presence and know even if they don't always show themselves when you are out in nature, they

Aura photo reveals love energy after energetic cleansing by Royce!

Below is a polaroid Aura Photo taken by Shay Garrison with her aura camera after an event at The Rapid Eye Institute in Salem, Oregon, July, 2020. Royce (The man in the photo) spoke of being an aspect of Archangel Michael, and with angelic assistance he asked the audience in a Journey for the Soul hands-on demonstration to participate with him in a local and global energetic release. In being the conduit of receiving the dense energies they were holding and releasing them to the Universe, it allowed the audience to bring in more divine love to their beingness. This took about 30 – 45 minutes. Shay was part of the audience and witnessed the Journey for the Soul event at The Rapid Eye Institut

Plant devas can show up on the edge of a plant or flowers! Can you see them on the Dragon Lily plant

Be sure to check the edges of your plant and flower photographs. The plant and flower devas often show up on the edges. They like to be recognized and honored. In the cabbage plant photo below the devas showed up as a whole face and a partial face! Sometimes they shape shift and use each other to create two faces. Be sure to send the plants love before you click your camera! Photo taken by Laura Walthers - Salem, OR 2020 Happy Trails my friends! From Laura and the Plant Devas!

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