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Gnome in Tree


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Gnome In Tree


I went to visit my cousin Pam and her family in Medford, Oregon. I planned to take a hike into the local forest. Both Pam and her daughter Taylor accompanied me on my journey. We were excited to connect with the trees. Excitedly we headed towards the forest and let ourselves be guided by the nature spirits.     


We had hiked for about an hour and decided to stop and rest back at the SUV. Taylor and I were sitting on the back gate of the SUV eating sandwiches when suddenly I felt a wave of energy wash over me. It was a direct, focused, pinpointed type of  energy, coming right at my heart. It felt good, but strong. I looked to my left and three yards away, I saw a redwood tree. I felt the energy coming directly from the tree. It was the tree! But why? I then noticed the tree had a being in the middle of  it. It was a gnome that took on the trunk shape and essence of the tree. Can you see him in the photograph? I was delighted! I knew it was communicating with me. I sat patiently and opened my heart to receive the energy. I didnt hear any words, but I could feel the contact of love energy! It was communicating telepathically.      


I wondered how could I show my appreciation for his effort to communicate with me? In preparation for my journeys to the forest I had brought candy for the nature beings! Yeah, I was up for the surprise. Taylor and I sprinkled candy corn and lemon drops on the ground all around in front of the tree. I made sure the candy didnt have any paper or plastic wrappers, so I wasn't leaving any litter on the ground.     


The forest was practically vacant and no one saw us sprinkling the candy on the ground. We then left and came back only about 45 minutes later. Yes, the candy was all gone. It is true, they do love candy! When you leave little gifts of gratitude for them; food, candy or flowers they only need the essence of the offering. They may not take the actual object from the physical world. Be conscious of the natural surroundings and dont leave anything behind that could create an imbalance in their natural environment.

Excerpt taken from page 42 of Life In Nature Revealed: Real Photographs of Faeries, Gnomes and Elves by Laura Walthers

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