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Beltrop-the Tree Dryad (Tree Spirit)

As I studied the tree closer I saw a faint illumined face in the top hole of the tree. It has distinct but transparent features. Can you see the face in the tree? The being felt like an ancient teacher and I was honored to bring his presence through into this dimension. He telepathically expressed his name, Beltrop. He is a tree dryad (spirit). These beings only work with high intent of love and they are ready for us to realize not only the potential of energy that surrounds us, but the magnitude of potential within each one of us. These beings are here to SHOW us the bridge to nature is through love and oneness. There are many other faces in the tree smiling at you!

Beltrop Tree Spirit (11 x 14)

SKU: Beltrop-11x14
  • Shipping - $7.00

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