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Unicorn - Bright Star! I was working on a book project for a friend and I had chosen this white horse photograph as part of the design. I liked it because it focused on the horse’s eye and it looked like a Unicorn. I was editing my document on the computer when all of a sudden I felt a surge of love energy going through my body, WHOOOSSHH! It gave me truth bumps! I like to call them that because when I hear or feel truth my body often reacts from chills of energy rushing through it. 
I didn’t notice it at first, but when I enlarged the photo there was a bright blue star in the upper left corner of its right eye. Wow, the Unicorn had made his appearance. This was a very magical moment. I could feel so much love! The star was not in the original photo. I fully believe that unicorns in the higher realms are an aspect of white horses in the physical realm. They have an angelic presence. Their horns represent divine direction. They use them to express their divine love and guidance within.

Unicorn - Bright Star (8 x 10)

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