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Healing Tree

This tree is a special type of healing tree. Its gift was discovered by a lady who was attending a garage sale and could see energy in the front yard near this tree. She was so amazed by its bright energetic light and the fact she could actually see a giant field of 'energy' emanating from the tree. Through telepathy, the tree communicated to her it took the negative energy from the area around it and transmuted it through its trunk and roots back into Mother Earth for cleansing. The owner of the tree did not know about the tree’s gift until this woman revealed to him he was cured of Hepatitis C by the healing energy of this tree. (No accident he bought a house with a tree that could heal people) None of us knows the type of tree this is. The owner thought someone told him it could be a rare species from South Africa. It is about 30 years old. I love the odd shaped nodules and how they take on the energies of the beings in the tree! The tree told Diane, the friend of the owner, it wanted to be called LBT or Light-Bearing Tree! It is one of five healing trees that exist in the United States. I don't know where the others are. They work on their own grid system to cleanse and heal. This tree is located in San Gabriel, California. To get the full benefit of this tree just open your heart and allow the tree to take the negative energies that no longer serve you. Take a few deep breaths inward and with intent release these energies outward. You may feel a gentle pull of energy from this amazing tree. The elementals and the tree being support this cleansing in the tree. This cleansing will help you to regain your stamina and potential for use on your life path.

The newsprint article above I found and picked up from a local metaphysical store when I lived in Southern California (2008). Unknown to me at the time this amazing healing tree would bring its gift of light and love healing to you today!

In this photo I am hugging the tree after a public event with crystal bowl prayers for healing. The elementals told me they would show up and their is an orb to the right of the white chairs. The setting sun cast a glow on the tree but you can also see a misty layer of energy. Enjoy the photos and healing energy of this amazing Light-Bearing Tree!

May the Blessings Be! - Laura Walthers

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