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Inner-Earth Connection

"We have come to reveal to you that Surface Earth and Inner Earth are synchronizing as One. It is a time of balance and unity. We can feel your progress and because of the shifts of frequency on the surface you will be seeing openings and portals coming available to you. The importance of this happening is more of a personal one. Allowing your KNOWINGNESS to blossom through sweet surrender and love will bring about a balance within your selves. We are no longer riding the fences of separation but jumping into the clear beautfiul pool together. We are celebrating your progress and soon you will know who we are. We go in Peace, Unity, Joy and Love!" What an exciting time to be here on this beautiful planet Mother Earth. We are creating a New World together. Remember to be gentle on yourselves and go out in nature and open up to its Magnificence!

The photographs above were taken in succession of each other. In the left photo above, the 1st-left-white-arrow focuses where my friends Ronda and Elisia were standing. As I joined them and walked behind the waterfall, I came upon a space that had a lot of energy. (See white arrow on right of photo)

My guides told me to stop and conjoin with them and create an arch that touched both sides of the wall. We joined hands and created a half-circle. The guides asked us to tone, so we did several deep sounding "Ohm's" together. The energy was incredible and I could feel the rock beings and a deep connection that went from the ceiling above us into Inner Earth. Immediately in the camera, the playback screen revealed the blue orbs and swirling layers of energy! At higher frequencies we are able to see sound as COLOR. In this photo the Inner Earth Beings showed up in a blue color. I have taken many photographs of trees that have revealed they are portals or doorways to Inner Earth. This particular portal is from an inner cavern of the massive rock wall behind the waterfall. This photograph was taken straight up above our heads. You are looking at the celing of the portal. I could feel energy and an airway draft that flowed through this hole.

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