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We All Have An Ancient-One Team

Happy Autumn!

With all the amazing gamma rays of higher vibrations hitting the planet, we are more and more consumed with higher love vibrations. These vibrations provoke our bodies to heal and release old energies, belief systems and thoughts that no longer serve us. What we may not be aware of is how much help that surrounds us.

Be it guardian angels, faerie guides, galactic brothers and sisters or ancient ancestors we did not come into this experience without a team.

They have most often revealed themselves to me through the medium form of photography. Yesterday I was guided to go out into nature and just BE. I love to balance and enrich my senses with the wonderment of nature. The group of photos below reveal the consciousness that was present during my journey.

Photo taken at Butte Creek Falls, OR

After I walked near this waterfall, I opened my heart and sang to the water beings and ancient ones of the land. I was joining with them in sacred celebration of the beauty and sustenance they provided. I did not see the circular orbs or faces as I was taking the photo. (This photograph reveals different vibrations) The orbs are from the faerie realm. They are the water beings dancing in the flow and air waves near the waterfall. Behind the waterfall is a cloudy ancient face revealing an Ancient One.

Photo taken at Butte Creek Falls, OR

This image proceeds the waterfall photo. It is a grotto of rock behind the waterfall. In the upper-right corner you see how the rock being faces are revealed in the rock with black outlines. They were there to support and observe. There is a layer of colored orbs faintly seen in the middle of the photograph. Color is another way consciousness is detected. The large tree root holds many layers of knowledge from the life of the tree.

Photo taken at Butte Creek Falls, OR

This photograph reveals a faerie being standing between two tree trunks on the forest pathway. ( I enlarged the nature being in lower-right corner)

Trees can often be doorways between the realms, especially if they are standing next to one another. The faerie being is not in a very finite form, but is of a "Green" color. In my photographs I have experienced most green orbs are from the faerie realm.

Another sign from the nature beings is revealed—right next to the portal (twin trunks) of the tree are moss covered branches in the shape of an "F". This stands for FAERIE! They can communicate in very clever ways. There is no set language. The more you invite them into your heart, they will find a way to talk to you through nature. The key is to go out and allow it to happen! Happy Trails!

I hope to see you at my Nature Presentation and Book Signing in Portland, OR at:

New Renaissance Bookshop - Saturday, Oct. 17, 2015 - 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.!laura-walters/c11r1

Happy Trails!

Laura and the Gnomes

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