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Golden Unicorn Appears in Tree Trunk

Magical Encounter in Butte Creek Falls, OR

One morning in preparation for a new adventure in nature, I quietly asked my guides to show me what energies were present for the day. I could feel the unicorns and I chose this card-#31 from my personal deck called, 'Unicorn Cards', by Diana Cooper. As you can see, there was going to be an element of surprise coming!

As my friend Elisia arrived, I noticed in her hand she was carrying a new oracle deck she had brought to share. I asked if I could choose a card. It was called, 'The Faery Forest Oracle', by Lucy Cavendish/Maxine Gadd. I chose#43 -The Golden Unicorn Card and I was delighted! I have a golden Unicorn guide and it was clearly communicating to us that it was going to bring a surprise on our nature adventure. (I feel it was for all of you to see too!)

Butte Creek Falls, OR

As I approached the waterfall the energy was so alive! The reflection of the sun created brilliant colors of green and gold that I had not experienced before in Butte Creek. I have visited many times, but today the vibrancy of the green and gold colors were amazing.

In my experiences with nature— green and gold are the dominant high frequencies within nature.

The green and gold colors together activate our full potential. Gold represents our soul (unconditional love) and the green represents our heart bodies here on Earth. It is no accident that the Unicorn was around. They love to help and guide us into our own full potential.

The horns on their heads are divine rods of light. They represent the power of divine love, healing and manifestation.

Unicorn appears in tree trunk with dancing orbs!

Closeup of Unicorn and dancing orbs!

I decided to go behind the waterfall and sing. I love to bring in the energies of Oneness through the breath and song. I asked the faeries to join me in celebration. I took several photos and was so surprised when all the orbs showed up. (You can see faeries in some of them) As I gazed at the tree trunk I felt my Unicorn guide, WOW, it took on the essence of the tree trunk!

Can you see its head slightly bowed towards the water on the left? Its hooved foot is slightly resting on the water. Its eye is sold black and its horn is green-gold colored resting on its crown.

The faeries have told me that I am a vision-teller. I am privileged to share the magic in nature that truly exists. We are all opening to new potentials and they are showing you that we live in a multi-dimensional reality.

As we believe deeper in our own potential of divine love and light we will begin to experience many new levels within and around us. It is a natural response of becoming masters of creation.

Live Consciously!

Love and Joy to you,

From Laura and the Unicorns!

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