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Rainbow over Mossy Faerie House

"Rainbow over Faerie House by Apple Tree"

Tonight I had just finished taking photos of a faerie house in a nearby forest. As I got out of my car I decided to take photos of the sunset. I live next to a vineyard and the light is a beautiful golden hue at the end of the day. I had made a wish this morning with the faeries. I asked for a magical photo today in the forest because I knew I was going to take some photographs of a faerie house I had just finished at the end of the day. I am writing a book about 'how to make enchanted faerie houses'.

To my surprise the faeries brought my wish to me at the apple tree in my yard. They created a vertical rainbow over a small mossy faerie house I placed at the base of the apple tree years ago! Magical! When you believe - your life is enchanted!

(This photograph is NOT photoshopped!)

Photo taken at sunset in Salem, OR by Laura Walthers

Believe and You Will See!

Rainbows of Love to you from Laura and the Faeries!

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