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Real Photos of Faeries and Pan revealed in Forest!

Before my journey into the enchanted forest that morning I was told by the gnomes and elves they would love to have some coins. I usually gift them something when I do my nature walks. I like to toss them in the hollows of the trees. I chose a few coins and a special piece of Pyrite.

Before I begin, I open my heart and send rainbows to all the trees in the forest. This connects you to the grid of all the trees and the nature beings.

As the faces start showing up in the tree trunks you know you are connected in their realm. It could be only temporarily but their consciousness is very present in the moment.

I could feel a lot of energy in this tree and stopped to take a few photographs. I gifted it a few coins and thanked the elementals for allowing me to visit.

As I came upon this tree I could feel a pull and heard telepathically that it was a throne tree. I tossed a few coins in the lower tree hollow.

This photograph shows a comparison of two photographs taken right after the other. There is layer of blurred light that showed up in the lower photograph. In the blurred light there are faces and various shapes. Also an elemental revealed himself in the tree stump in the lower photograph. (See yellow arrow)

This is the same lower bottom photo from above with a closer view. Left photo reveals a blurred layer on the tree trunks. It is not shadows from the sunlight. (If you look at the previous before photo, you will notice the blurred layer is not there in top photo.) The vertical photo on the right is in the far background. There is a being of blurred light next to the tree trunk and dancing faerie light shapes in the striped layers on the ground. Do you see the elemental smiling in the tree stump in the left photo? (Follow the yellow arrow)

When you feel a communication with a specific tree, rock or area, it is advisable to hang out for awhile and allow the energies to resonate with you. This opens the door for them to send you messages or possibly show up in your photographs!

When my friend Elisia and I came upon this tree we could both see Pan in the base of the tree! He is looking down at the ground. His face only partially emerges from the tree bark. (You can see his right ear and horn along with right side of face.) I was so happy to see him. I wanted to thank him for his presence and gifted him the piece of pyrite (fool's gold).

To end the forest journey we came upon this heart tree stump! Never a dull moment in the forest!

Even though you may not SEE the many layers of energy that truly exist around you, it is always a blessing to act in reverence and gratitude for their presence.

May Enchantment find your open heart!


Laura and the Faeries, Elves and Gnomes!

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