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Rainbow Portal at Henline Falls-Lyons, OR

It is always a mystery as to where the nature beings and beyond guide me to show up. Through synchronicity and intuition I was led to Henline Falls. I had not heard of it but to my surprise it was less than a mile from one of my favorite places in Oregon - Opal Creek 3 Pools.

After getting an email to attend a free lecture at R.E.I in Keizer, OR on Opal Creek, I decided to attend. I found out at the lecture about Henline falls. I asked a few friends to come and my friend Elisia Drake and I planned a journey on a sunny day.

Usually my photographer self is a bit reluctant to shoot photographs of waterfalls on a sunny day, so I research it online and if I went early the light was okay until around 12-noon. I could feel the elementals were excited, so we trekked out the next morning.

It was a magical day in the rainbow portals!

Above Photo: Henline Falls in Lyons. OR. (Opal Creek Wilderness Park)

It was a magical day at the waterfalls. The rainbows stayed present for over two hours! You can see the faces in the rocks.

Above Photo: Henline Falls in Lyons. OR. (Opal Creek Wilderness Park)

The rainbows were in two layers. I could see and feel the faeries in the water. The rainbow faeries were sparkling in the water and on the rocks. They showed up in multi-colors and also brilliant white dots on the rocks! (See close-up in next photograph)

Above Photo: Henline Falls in Lyons, OR. (Opal Creek Wilderness Park) Close-up of rainbow faeries in the water and on the rocks!

With a closer view you can see the faeries in many layers in the water. Some of the rainbow faeries are multi-colored and look like confetti in the water. They are moving in different directions. Clearly a portal or dimensional doorway existed here! :-)

Above Photo: An Elemental showed up in this photograph. He appears to have come out of the portal doorway above him in a circular shape.

Even though the elemental appears to be walking on the rainbow, he does not appear in the next photo without a rainbow in the lower section of the image. You can see him faintly in the first photo without the rainbow. So he clearly is walking between the portal dimensions.

Above Photo: A water being showed up in this photograph. It is in the stream of water on your right in the photograph.

It was interesting how the water being formed, I saw it appear with its own water around it and the color was different, a sea green color. It is from another dimensional portal that is connected to the sea. It has 2 parts - the top part is a man with a hat and below his head is the water being with wings. Depending on what you see, their is much more in the photograph. It can shape-shift and morph. We are truly living in a multi-dimensional reality.

Above Photo: A closeup view of the water being.

From this perspective the water being appears to have a wing or is pointing at something. You can also see the multitude of brilliant white dots on the rocks. These are faeries that appeared in white dotted form. They use whatever they can in the natural aspect of the image to reveal themselves.

Above Photo: Another close-up view of the water being.

You can see how the color below the water is a deep sea green color. It appears more to the right of the water stream. Also the water being appears to have wings and I love the old man's face in the rock underneath the waterfall!

Above Photo: Elisia took this photograph of the sky beings overhead at the waterfall.

We could feel a divine connection and were grateful for their participation. We infused a crystal I had brought with divine intention and gratitude. Then I tossed it in the water. I felt a ripple of energy blast our bodies. It is more powerful to conjoin and commune with the elements and many beings that are present. Together we can truly bring Heaven to Earth!

Above Photo: Laura Walthers in front of rainbow portals at Henline Falls, OR. 2018

I hope you enjoyed the magical journey. Be in Beauty, Walk Sacred!

Happy Trails,



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