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Tree Faun revealed in leaves of tree!

Photo Above: This photograph was taken by Laura Walthers in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, CA with a 35mm film camera, 2006.

I wrote this passage years ago after I had experienced a connection with a tree faun. Their mysteries have been misleading through time and I wanted to share how my faerie guide brought some truth to me as I was writing the information to go inside a book. I was guided today to share it with you.

Tree Faun

As you look at this image, feel how alive the trees are! The layered groups of nature beings camouflage themselves in the wrapped woven banded branches around the trees. Can you see close-up how the nature being (at the bottom right corner of the page) used the leaves to form a face peeking around the upper portion of the tree? (See white arrow) The leaves shaped the energetic form of a tree faun’s face. He is having fun with you. He is very dedicated to the tree and wanted to reveal himself to bring you more wisdom of his role in nature.

Marko Pogacnik works with the sacred Earth and many levels of nature being energies. His work is widely respected around the globe and he talks about his personal encounter with a tree faun in his book Nature Spirits & Elemental Beings,

“The first beings which I could directly perceive in nature were the elementals that accompany the growth of trees. I call them fauns, from the Latin term, ‘faunus’. Traditionally they are depicted as young men with the lower body of a goat and horns on their head. I see the faun in a healthy tree as a spiraling energy which encircles the branches and also the roots deep down into the earth. This weaving of a power web by the fauns seems to precede the growth of branches, and roots, and so can direct the growth into certain useful directions. The faun is able to manage this leading role because he possesses not only this energy body but also a relatively autonomous intelligence, so he can constantly watch over the environment of his tree both above and below the earth. He is in complete harmony with the incoming information, and in his consciousness he can oversee the growth of the tree moment by moment. I perceive this dimension of consciousness in the faun as a face woven into the top of the tree, complementing the energetic structure of his body. In classical antiquity fauns were perceived as running from tree to tree. This image reflects the estranged consciousness which can no longer recognize the laws of cooperation between tree and elemental. Through its plant body the tree provides an opportunity for the elemental to gain experiences in matter. In return, the faun offers his consciousness to help the tree grow harmoniously into its environment. Through this reciprocal action the faun is tied to the tree for its entire lifetime. It is a process almost equivalent to the way a soul joins the body of a person during incarnation. The coupling is achieved by a kind of ‘umbilical cord’ which ties the faun to his chosen tree. Since elementals have no free will, but act as a part of all-embracing nature, the faun cannot untie his ‘umbilical cord’ as long as ‘his tree’ is alive and this means as long as there is life within its roots.

As I started writing this section for a book, I was doing research about tree fauns. I came upon the knowledge of the tree faun depicted in the play A Midsummer Night's Dream, by William Shakespeare. His character was known as Puck. On my computer I started to type the information about Puck on the page when suddenly a big black box appeared out of nowhere.

It covered the whole page! I felt my elemental guide telling me in an in-your-face kind of way that the information about tree fauns was not correct, the nature beings would let me know. I asked them to show me and I let it go in that moment.

A week later, I walked passed the bookshelf in my office and picked up Marko Pogacnik's book, Nature Spirits & Elemental Beings. I opened right up to the page that spoke in detail about tree fauns! Once again, the answer was "in my face."

The reason the elementals did not want me to use the information about Puck from the Shakespearean play was because his character freely moved about the forest. Puck was half-man, half-animal but as Marko saw with his own vision the tree faun never leaves its tree. It is dedicated to supporting it for the entire life of the tree. Their symbiotic relationship is a beautiful example of how nature is created with harmonic relationships.

The black box was a very direct action from my faerie spirit guide expressing the importance that truth and sacredness were to be used in the tree faun expression.

When you follow your heart and create from a space of trust, allowing and magnificence, you will always be supported and guided to the next step.

Walk in Sacred Beauty!


Laura and the Tree Fauns!

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