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Singing Gnome Willow Tree - Take 2

I was told telepathically to re-visit the Singing Gnome Willow Tree in Salem, OR. To my surprise it was not the gnome that greeted me on the second visit!

See photo below: To my surprise, a tree spirit showed up in the willow tree bark. The nature beings were happy because I listened and was led back to play with them!

Above Photo: Can you see the tree spirit? He has revealed himself in the tree trunk! There is also another elemental in the tree surround by tiny faeries!

Before I visited the tree, I tuned into the tree and asked the spirits if they wanted some gifts. I was given a nod and felt a crystal and a rock would be nice. After arrival I gifted the tree spirits a special amethyst crystal!

And also gave the gnomes in the tree a rock!

After gifting the tree my rock and crystal I connected and sat up against the tree for awhile. I felt a love wave come over me and a sense of peace. Then I stood up and grabbed my camera to take a few photos. I was surprised to see a few more had appeared. It is so rewarding to connect in nature and know it is so full of consciousness!

Knowing that you will be led to what you need is important. It is a deep trust of self and your relationship with Source.

What encouraged me to write my blog story today is this: Over the years I have collected little messages from Chinese fortune cookies and placed them in a whimsical tea cup. I call it my; faerie wish cup. This morning I chose this message and was inspired to tell my story! I hope you enjoyed it!

Happy Trails,

From Laura and the nature beings!

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