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Become present with Nature as your teacher!

My nature guides asked me to send out a message about being 'present' in nature and allowing it to be our teacher. In a world of engaging technology we have become disconnected with nature as a personal fulfillment and teacher. This was once a way of life for most of us in our ancestry and taught to us through storytelling of our elders.

In these challenging times I ask you to go outside or choose a relationship with a particular species or element in nature and allow it to teach you. There are ways you can do this if you are not able to go physically outside. You can drum, meditate and ask for guidance as to what nature is here to teach you in this moment. We all have animal, elemental and angelic guides. After awhile you will make it part of your daily awareness and it is a wonderful doorway to open. It brings such wisdom and beauty to all who are open to receiving it.

The key here is to allow the world/nature to entrain with you. Let it come to you in signs, symbols, quiet whispers and blatant messages. There is no limit as to how it may come. All the elements in nature are constantly talking to you. We don't hear them or see them or smell and feel them because we are not open and consciously allowing it. Telepathy is a common way all of nature talks to us. This is heightened through intuition and trust. We cannot hear them if our brains are focused on other things, such as smartphones and other media devices. Although, if we create a heart-centered sacred space of intent with nature, it is possible to record enchanted results on electronic devices.

Here are some ways the elements or beings in nature may contact you:

Air Element: You may see something in a cloud formation. It could be a shape of an animal, elemental, (air slyphs) angels or an ancestor. Air sylphs guide the airways in weather conditions such as; tornadoes, hurricanes, storms, etc. They work with flow and currents. Even if you do not see them visually, they are assisting the formation of clouds and weather.

'Air Sylphs and Angels' - photo taken by Laura Walthers - Henline Falls in Opal Creek Park, OR 2018.

The galactic beings also use the clouds above to show you they are here and watching over us. Here is a photo that I took on the beach of Southern California in 2017. Can you see the face looking at the lightship? It is on its left in front of the sun.

Galactic face in clouds with lightship - photo taken by Laura Walthers - Carlsbad, CA 2017.

Water: The water elementals are commonly known as: Water beings, water deva, merfaeries, undines, water sprites and water nymphs, etc. They are of a feminine nature and guide the currents of waterfalls, fountains, streams, rivers and the ocean waves. They can also help you with your release of imbalanced emotions. As you sit by a riverbank or flowing water in nature ask them to cleanse your body and energy fields that surround your body with purifying white light. This is also a great cleansing practice in a shower.

Water deva in waterway at the Hoh Forest in Olympic National Forest, Washington State - photo taken by Laura Walthers.

Water Nymphs are often seen at the base and near waterfalls. These particular water faerie nymphs below are bringing in the divine feminine essence into the water with a blue ray!

Blue faerie water nymphs - photo taken by Laura Walthers - Descanso Gardens, Los Angeles County, CA. 2008

Earth: The earth elementals include; gnomes, dwarfs, elves, tree dryads/spirits, tree/wood nymphs, etc. They create balance in our environment by energetically cleaning the soil, protecting/creating the minerals and activating plant and mineral growth through vibration, love, sound and light.

The tree wood nymph below is supporting the faeries with her life force to create form in nature through light, love, vibration and sound.

'Wood Nymph' partnering in nature with the faeries to create plants in the redwood forest - photo taken by Laura Walthers - Redwood Forrest, CA 2015.

If a tree limb or branch starts to suddenly shake their leaves it could be an elemental on a limb trying to get your attention. Wave back! Here is a link to a few live videos where it happened to me randomly on hikes in a nearby local forest! or spinning leaf here:

Fire: Fire elementals mostly commonly come in the form of salamanders, thus the name fire salamanders. They are not shaped like the amphibians we know on the physical realm and are the least human-like of all elementals. They appear as if built of flame with their form constantly changing. They occasionally take on a form suggestive of a human or dragon. They are very powerful and a gift to our planet, they work with the fire energies to transform matter.

Their essence can come to you from the flame of a candle in meditation. I often light a candle when writing to call in their assistance for creativity and passion.

Dragon elementals are great healers and when asked can assist you in deep rooted cleansing.

'Fire Elementals' with white fire dragon-head shape dancing in ceremonial fire in desert - taken by Laura Walthers - Mojave, Desert, CA 2007.

Above Photo: Photo was taken on a riverbank in Wichita, KS illuminated by a rock formation fed by gas light. You can see the fire elementals dancing in the top left. On the lower right is a shape of a white buffalo. (See white arrow.) This site was dedicated to the Native American Center of Wichita. A Native American metal sculpture called, 'Keeper of the Plains stands on the fork of this Arkansas River. It is no accident that the fire took shape of a white buffalo. It represents future peace!

Legend of the White Buffalo: The White Buffalo are sacred to many Native Americans. ... The Creator sent the sacred White Buffalo Calf Woman to teach the People how to pray with the Pipe. With that Pipe, seven sacred ceremonies were given for the people to abide in order to ensure a future with harmony, peace, and balance.

I hope you enjoy the ways in which nature can take form and bring you personal or global messages. It is in our own personal relationships with nature that this can truly happen. It is believing in unity consciousness that creates this reality. It is a universal language of the soul. We are all connected. Even though you may not physically see these many layers of beings, it is important to believe they are there and assisting us in so many ways. We came here to be stewards of our beautiful planet Mother Earth/ Gaia and together we can create and build a New Earth with harmony and Peace!

Many blessings from all of creation!

Have fun in nature!

Always Be open to what is possible,

Love and Peace,


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