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Aura photo reveals love energy after energetic cleansing by Royce!

Below is a polaroid Aura Photo taken by Shay Garrison with her aura camera after an event at The Rapid Eye Institute in Salem, Oregon, July, 2020.

Royce (The man in the photo) spoke of being an aspect of Archangel Michael, and with angelic assistance he asked the audience in a Journey for the Soul hands-on demonstration to participate with him in a local and global energetic release. In being the conduit of receiving the dense energies they were holding and releasing them to the Universe, it allowed the audience to bring in more divine love to their beingness. This took about 30 – 45 minutes.

Shay was part of the audience and witnessed the Journey for the Soul event at The Rapid Eye Institute. She commented how the energy was so powerful and amazing. She brought her aura camera to the event but was not sure when she would be using it.

After Royce received the energies and released them; the audience responded by thanking him for his amazing gesture of love and healing.

Then one-by-one they came up to him to thank him. Some with hug gestures, smiles, shakes of the hand and verbal thanks. After they had finished, Shay could hear Spirit tell her, "Go! Take his aura photo now!"

Left photo: Shay Garrison

Shay Garrison is a clairvoyant and channels the information she receives from inner guidance of her guides and whatever energies come forth from the photograph. Here is a description of what Shay received about the aura photograph of Royce above:

Deep blue light layer on top: This is Archangel Michael’s energy that was assisting him in the divine cleansing. The lower blue light on his right (left in photo) is his higher self. She could see a person standing there. He had to become his higher self to perform the divine act of service for the audience and humanity.

Golden light on each side with white on inner tips: These are Archangels standing on each side of him. They are represented by the golden color. The white balls of light at the top tips of them are their heads. The Archangel on the left is Uriel and the one standing on the right is Archangel Gabriel. The golden-white colors represent Christ consciousness.

Pink – Violet Colors: Overlay of Source, the energy comes down and embraces him with pink violet hues. The pink is a strong vibrant life color – it represents standing in your true essence. The pink energy in the foreground is going up instead of coming down.

We both thank Royce for his permission to share this wonderful story and photograph. Also deep loving thanks to the Archangels and Source for assisting this event.


Laura and Shay

If interested in scheduling an aura photo party or event, please contact Shay Garrison at:


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