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Ancient sea stack rocks reveal consciousness!

by Laura Walthers -

"It is time to be free of who you think you are. It is time to move into your potentials." Alcazar - channel, Prageet Harris,

I invite you to join me in part of a journey, that if you are open will reveal a world that is magical! It does exist and is so beautifully conscious. In my past, being in nature felt so alive. As my life progressed into my purpose and service to others, it began to break down and morph into what was unimaginable but became an expanded reality and was more real than ever! All things hold energy and vibration. As you view the photographs they will reveal the beings and consciousness within them.

The series of photo images below were taken in Bandon, Oregon. I had no idea I would experience such an amazing connection. It started after my husband Paul and I arrived. We decided to go have a nice dinner. As I was looking out from the 2nd floor window of the restaurant, I could see what they call a 'sea stack' on the beach below. My heart fluttered and I could see them standing as silent guardians on the beach coastline. When I saw the eyes of a particular rock being I heard it telepathically say, " You see me, most of your kind do not." I told him I was amazed by his presence and honored his place of being. I then took a photo with my smartphone. (See white arrow to find eyes of rock being.)

Above Photo: Photo of rock being on beach in Bandon, OR by Laura Walthers - taken through a restaurant window with smart phone. )

As I trekked the beach I came upon so many wonderful Rock Beings. I felt I was witnessing Nature's theater and I was the audience being entertained!

Next to the 1st being I communicated with above, is a sea stack known as the 'Wizard' or 'Witches Hat Rock'. A being revealed himself in the light and shadow. Can you see him? (See white arrow)

Here is another photo of the Sea Stack with huge eyes and the Wizard's Hat Rock revealed a wizard's face! Can you see him above the hat rock's brim? Also another being with his own hat on the big sea stack behind the Wizards's Hat Rock. Can you find them? He is resting on his arm.

To give a scale to these amazing beings you can see the people on the beach walking in front of them. Face Rock is in the far background. It has a profile rock face, no pun intended.

As the tide went out I was excited to get some tide pool shots. I was fortunate to get a starfish making a heart with his starfish arms! Ahhh... sending love to you!

These sea caves were amazing, but a bit dangerous to shoot. I was sinking into sand as I shot the aqua colored water image above.

Above Photos: Sea cave with a heart-shaped opening in Bandon, OR by Laura Walthers

Above Photo: Taken by Laura Walthers in Bandon, OR - Rock beings and dragon revealed!

This photograph was so full of high vibration. I hope you can feel it. I have placed three white arrows to areas that reveal different consciousness within the Sea stack rocks. The one on the left is a combination, but I dominantly see a Native American face looking up into the sky above. The white arrow is pointing at the eyes and forehead. You may see it differently and that is perfect. These beings morph and change in the moment. Sometimes their images hold in the photographs and sometimes they don't. It is a random in-the-moment multi-dimensional experience. It is designed for the viewer whomever that may be.

The middle white arrow is of a rock being with large eyes, mouth and head. She feels female and is holding amazing divine feminine/masculine energy in the area. The white arrow to her right is directing you to see the dragon! Can you see the face is resting down on the sand. Such a POWERFUL combination. If you open your heart and gaze at it you may get light codes within the image. Lots of kundalini energy here!

Above Photo: Taken by Laura Walthers in Bandon, OR - Rock being on beach as sun went down.

The rock being in the above photo gives a sense of Buddha or warrior. I do feel it has both Male/Female energy. The coastline area also has layers of Lemurian energies which hold the high vibration of male/female Christed consciousness.

As a marine layer mist gathered on the beach I paused to take a photo of these sea stacks clouded in mystery. I love how the Buddha Rock Being emerged in-between from a distance. After returning from my trip I was in a meditation and the rock beings showed up dancing in my third eye focus. They showed how in the higher vibrations they are not static at all. I saw light grey spirits move briskly in and out of the huge monolithic sea rock stacks. I even saw them move around the huge sea stack rocks and eventually go back into 3D original placement. They wanted to bring to my attention that we actually do live in a 3D hologram.

I looked up at this rock being to take a photo with my phone and saw her face turn to look at me. Can you see her beaty eyes? She is magnificent. In this photo she holds a strong female presence.

This powerful Goddess was standing tall among the sea landscape. I could feel a strong ancient mother presence. The white arrow is pointing at her face. As I was scrying with this photograph a portal opened up and many beings came out of this rock! They were from Inner Earth. In the big splash hitting the rock I could see a whole group of water beings and some merpeople playing in the water.

As the day drew to an end I saw this photographer on the beach shooting a sunset photograph of Face Rock in the distance. A reminder to pause and take in all the beauty of this beloved planet you can! (There are other photos of this journey that I will include with an upcoming book I am completing.)

Love to you from Laura and the Rock Beings!

Happy Trails my Friends!


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