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Bring Your Magic to the Universe!

by Laura Walthers :

Instead of asking the Universe to bring you the magic; bring your own magic to the Universe. It is time to find your inner gold and live your joy!

You may ask, "What does it mean to find your inner gold?" It is a conscious surrender to your ego mind and allow your heart and soul to guide the way. This creates a higher purpose to your life. There are no limitations or expectations. It is truly allowing your heart and soul to sing your song. What do you love? What excites you? What did you love as a child? All these things are simple, yet profound. They are part of the essence that feeds you. It is why you came here to experience and create.

When someone else has a life experience that brings them abundance, ecstasy or joy; do you celebrate with them or feel it is out of reach for you? The Universe mirrors to us through thought and feeling. So when someone else has an experience similar to what you would love to create—Celebrate with them! Ride on that higher vibration of joyful resonance. Just the thought of interconnected intention can spark an experience for you in the future! Old programming of not-being-worthy-to-receive can block your intention.

Imagination is key; to trust and feel joy for it already happening to you, brings it closer and does not limit the possibility!

Over two decades ago I went into the Olympic National Forest in Washington State with my husband and daughter. Unknown to me I would take a photograph and have an experience that changed my life and created my soul purpose here on beloved Gaia. Now, over 20 years later I was looking at some photographs I took back then. I came upon an image that I photographed and thought it had no meaning. I was guided to take it at that time but until this week I did not see a forest elemental in the tree!

As you find the red arrow, you will see him sitting on the branch. He is so far away that in this Now moment is when he wanted to be discovered. Life is like that. The flow grows when and where it is led. Can you see him on the branch?

Above Photo: Photo taken in the Hoh Forest, in Olympic National Forest, Washington State by Laura Walthers.

Below is a close-up view for a better look!

Above Photo: Closeup view of forest elemental in tree by Laura Walthers

I invite you today as you discover this amazing being in the forest to feel his dedication and openness to connect with you. May you revel in all the wonderful energies that truly exist in the forest and nature. Open your heart and allow new possibilities to come to you and enchant your precious life!

May you find your inner gold of love and light! Always be open to any possibilities!

Happy Trails my friends,

Love from Laura and the Forest Elementals!


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