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How to Entrain with Nature On A Deeper Level!

I invite you to join me and 19 other great speakers for the "How to Partner with Guardian Beings Telesummit!" Hosted by Kim Wilborn.

Date/Time: Free Event!

On Tuesday, July 6th, 2021, my Telesummit presentation airs at 1:00 pm. (Pacific Standard Time)

The nature beings have talked about being a rainbow walker. In the photo below you can see a nature being inside a rainbow walking towards the light (See white arrow). In the lower left-corner he is magnified for a close-up view. Learn about this and much more in the Guardian Gateway: Working with the Unicorns, Dragons, Angels, Tree Spirits and other Spiritual Guardians Telesummit; interview with Kim Wilborn.

Above Photo: Taken by Laura Walthers at Henline Falls, OR. Rainbow Walker in Rainbow Waterfall. (See Arrow)

Click on Link Below to Register for this amazing Free Event!

There will be 2 weeks of calls showing how to partner with:

· Unicorns

· Dragons

· Angels

· Tree Spirits

· the Earth and Nature

· the Goddesses Isis and Brigid

· and more!

Speaker Schedule

(all times Pacific Standard Time):

June 30: 10:00 am Kim Wilborn/1:00 pm Flavia Kate Peters

July 1: 10:00 am Michael Roads/1:00 pm Jaap Van Etten

July 2: 10:00 am Kimberly Moore/1:00 pm Angela Wix

July 5: 10:00 Alphedia Arara/1:00 pm Steven Farmer

July 6: 10:00 am Dr. Monique Hunt/1:00 pm Laura Walthers

July 7: 10:00 am Trish McKinnley/1:00 pm Yeshe Matthews

July 8: 10:00 am Mary Lomando/1:00 pm Claire Casely

July 9: 10:00 am C. Ara Campbell/1:00 pm Karen Kay

July 12: 10:00 am Diana Henderson/1:00 pm Elyse Pomeranz

July 13: 10:00 am Basia Alexander /1:00 pm Dr. Jim Conroy

I am honored to be a part of such a wonder filled event. I hope you join us and enjoy all the wisdom, fun and love!

Happy Trails my friends,

from Laura, the Gnomes and the Rainbow Walker!


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