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Message from the Faeries!

It was brought to my attention by my friend Donald, who is connected to the faerie realm, an important gathering had taken place by the faeries. Here is the current story told to me by Donald:

“About three weeks ago, around July 1, 2022, I had tried to connect with my faerie guides. Usually, they come briefly after I call them. I tried several times and did not hear from them. I was concerned but knew it must have been for a good reason. Then a few days later my personal faery guide came and I immediately asked her why there was such a delay. My faery guide said, ‘We were summoned by the Angels. All the faeries came and gathered. It was a huge meeting, like a conference in your human world. It was divine instruction and they prepared us for what we were to do next. They showed us glimpses of the future to help us understand and prepare for what was coming. We then were told to share with other clan leaders in the nature realm.’ The meeting was headed by an Angelic messenger and because they were called to attend such an important event, they could not appear to me when I called them.”

(Painting by James Christensen.)

When Donald told me this story I had chills running through my body. I felt so much truth-energy from this message. Like the faeries, we are all being prepared for what is coming next. Even though we may not know what it is specifically, we do know to take time out for ourselves—to go inward and allow the preparation to take place. It is no surprise that the Faeries, who are the chief stewards of Gaia, have been called to prepare for the next level of the New Earth. It is so hopeful to know we are all together in the changes to come.

Many blessings of hope and love,

From Laura and the Faeries!


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