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Tree Dryad Revealed in Shadows of Willow Tree!

Above Photo of Willow Tree by Laura Walthers - Salem, OR, 2022

I was guided to go to a Willow Tree near my home in Salem, Oregon. It was a random energetic nudge each time I would pass it by. On the 3rd nudge, I decided to take my camera and give it a visit. I do love the energy of willow trees. They are so graceful and beautiful.

Above Photo: White arrows reveal dryads/tree spirits in Willow Tree.

As I walked up to its trunk I connected with it and began to see a face emerge in the trunk on the left. (See white arrow.) It was hard to make out the dryad in the tree hollow and decided if I sat for a while maybe he will come forward. I could feel he was the one that nudged me to come to the willow tree.

Tree Dryad reveals himself in shadows on the tree trunk of Willow Tree. (See red arrow.)

I walked around and noticed a boys' penitentiary was located behind it. I immediately knew there was a clearing that needed to take place. I connected with my Guides and Source. I asked for divine light and the violet flame to guide and help me with the cleansing. Afterward, I decided to go back and see if I could communicate with the tree dryad. To my surprise, he showed up to me in a different way—in the shadows of the tree! He really wanted me to see him and he thanked me for my service. He appears to have dark hair and a dark beard. I could feel his presence and he was very pleased that I understood it was him showing himself in the shadows. I am always so grateful for how they communicate.

The more you acknowledge that everything in nature is conscious—it opens the door of adventure to take on a whole new experience. Love and Happy Trails to you!

Laura and the Tree Dryads!


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