I am honored to work with the amazing beings in nature. All they ask is for you to acknowledge they exist; to love and honor their dedication of balance and beauty they bring to our natural environment. It is time to embrace nature in a conscious way. Talk to the trees and thank them for their oxygen, beauty and groundedness. Many of them can instantly send energy waves of healing and love. All we have to do is open our hearts and receive. I only wish that you love yourself enough to create a sacred space for nature and all the seen and unseen beings. They are here to connect the balance of energy that is so needed in our lives. 


It will love you in return!



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Laura Walthers - Author, Photographer, Elf.


Laura Walthers has been a professional photographer for over 15 years. Her life took on a whole new dimension when in 2003 she captured a photograph of an ‘enchanted tree’ on one of her nature walks with her husband and daughter in Washington state. It revealed dozens of images of REAL faeries, gnomes,elves, and other nature beings. This experience opened a deeper connection with nature and then they began to communicate with her!


She was asked to help humanity awaken to the consciousness that is nature and to teach people about the sacred relationship we have with the elemental realm. Her book, Life In Nature Revealed; Real Photographs of Faeries, Gnomes and Elves is a compilation of what she calls her “Conscious Photography” collection. She has actual photographs of the Elementals taken in such spectacular sites in nature as the Redwoods of the California Coast, the Olympic Forests of Washington State, The Willamette Valley of Oregon, Mt. Shasta and even the Mohave Desert!?She is currently looking for a publisher for her new book; working title: "Awaken Through Nature's Magical Pathways." It is a deeper study and reveals many levels of how the nature beings create the form of nature through sound frequencies and light.


Laura’s photography gives form and substance to a reality many of us knew existed when we were children. Laura has traveled throughout the United States presenting visual presentations of her incredible multi-dimensional nature photography never seen by the public. She assists in re-connecting children and adults to the vibrancy of nature on her enchanted outdoor nature walks where she resides in Northern Oregon. She is intuitively led by nature to specific ‘gnome home’ trees, ‘faerie’ doors and enchanted locations to discover the different levels of energy within nature.