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Legend of the Tree


Have fun finding the different nature beings in the poster!


1. Elemental Face.

2. Man/Woman image in tree.

3. Elementals with walking stick.

4, 5,16 & 19; Nature Sprites

 (there are many but these are easier to find)

6. Moss being in the tree.

7. Grandfather/Green Man in tree.

8. White cone-headed beings.

9. Transporter being.

10. Elemental sitting in tree.

11. Gnome bearded man with girl

12. Tree elf.

13. Being with arms in air.

14. Faerie Couple in tree.

15. Faerie guardian.

16. See number 4.

17. Gnome sitting in tree.

18. Face in lower tree trunk.

19. See number 4.

20. Girl faerie on branch of the tree.

21. Mermaid near top of the tree.

22. Wizard with wand in forest.


A legend comes with each Enchanted Tree poster!

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