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Faerie Photography with Laura Walthers

April 15, 2022

Interviewed by Brandaleen Johnson:


January 6, 2021

Being Enchanted with Laura Walthers and Seph Dietlin

Become enchanted and inspired with our conversation about the nature realm and angelic realm. We are not alone and if we are open our guides and angels walk beside us to inspire our journey. 

*Click on link below:

The Faery Whisperer talks to Fairy Photographer Laura Walthers

Laura Walthers is a Faery Photographer and author of ‘Life in Nature Revealed: Real Photographs of Faeries, Gnomes & Elves! She lives in Oregon with her husband and the faeries!

In this interview we discuss the different ways that faeries reveal themselves in photographs and in nature to us. Also how we can see them, connect and work with them, portals, multidimensions, faery gifts, tree spirits, elementals, faery stones and crystals and the importance of self love to help Mother Earth. 

April 7, 2020

June 28, 2017

Interviewed by Layla May:

Faery Stories with Laura Walthers - Elemental connections

Vision teller Laura Walthers, shares her journey of becoming a photographer of the Elemental Realms.

Laura shares many of her stories, experiences and photographs with us. This is a rich conversation, including information about our multidimensional nature, how there is no hierarchy within these realms, how the elementals create through love, sound and vibration.
Plus we are graced by some pretty amazing Faery action on my side of the camera too! Check it out at about 40mins in. . . rainbows and faeries!

At the end of the interview Laura shares a beautiful Faery Blessing from the Rose Colored faeries!

Larimer and the Faeries!
A Bedtime Story

A Gift From The Faeries!

Enchant your children with this fun, adventurous and soothing story with the faeries. It has great sound effects, beautiful pictures and magical music.

Larimer, a real faerie, takes you on several journeys through the forest and over the rainbow. Your children will be enchanted by the magic of Faerie-land! Time duration: 26:29 minutes.

For entertainment purposes only.

Butterfly gift_screenshot.jpg

Vimeo Video: Live Interview with Laura Walthers by

August 2008

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Last April my colleague Kim Wilborn interviewed me, along with several other powerful teachers on the Guardian Spirits of Nature Telesummit who showed practical ways to create relationships with the Beings of Nature to transform your life and the world. 

If you would like to hear my online personal presentation from the Guardian Spirits of Nature Telesummit. 

Rainbows of love from me and all the seen and unseen beings that truly exist around us!

Laura Walthers

Guest - Laura Walthers - Faeries, Gnomes and Elves!
Pure Hope Show on Tues. March 29, 2016 at (7:00 p.m.-CST )5:00 p.m. -PST 

Please join Rev. Hope Gorman and I for an enchanting evening. I will be discussing the wit and wisdom of the faerie realm, the language I have learned from them and a meditation at the conclusion. 

Below is the link for the show:

Left Photo: Rev. Janice Hope Gorman

Or call in to listen via phone at:  213-559-2974

Faeries Waving in the Leaves

August, 2013 - By Laura Walthers

A friend and I were on a nature walk when the faeries decided to give us a visit. First a birdhouse up in a tree had a leaf waving at us. Then we got another big surprise from a nearby tree. When you are out in nature and you see a waving leaf it is the nature spirits waving at you to get your attention. If you wave back they may suddenly stop! Have fun in nature!

Spinning Leaf with Nature Beings

October, 2013

By Laura Walthers


Discover how the nature beings reveal themselves in a forest by spinning a leaf in nature!

Enchanted Nature Walk in Depoe Bay, OR

October, 2015 - by Laura Walthers

Please join me and a group of beautiful Goddesses on an enchanting and magical nature walk in the forest. We often hear or read that magic is all around us. I hope that you can feel or see a bit of it in this enchanted forest nature walk.


May it inspire YOU to create more magic-LOVE in your wonderful life.  Happy Trails ~ Laura

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