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Comments From The Audience



"I wanted to let you know how thrilled and excited I was to have the opportunity to attend one of your lectures.  It was WAY BEYOND anything I had expected.  To be honest with you, I thought maybe it was going to be a bit "dry" -- photos and you talk about them -- sort of thing.  BUT, I was completely taken up in the EXPERIENCE of it. . . . actual movement of the nature beings in the photos as we viewed them! Awesome.  Amazing.  Incredible.  Thank you!"

  -  S. A. , Corvallis, OR  




"This presentation heightened my awareness of the True world existing in Nature. The Faeries, the Keepers of the Earth Realms, are here to show us a new path of Understanding.     

I would recommend anyone who wants a new level of Hope in their life to attend this Presentation. The Faery Photographs indeed are portals into the many dimensions of this World. Come and enter as we walk hand in hand with the Faeries."

- A. Robson, Mcminnville,OR

"Laura, When I was giving Reiki yesterday I was looking at the photo print of the large tree trunk..the one not in your first book..with the many faces in it and the symbols on it.  It is hanging across the room from my table and I don't really remember if I've looked at it before while doing Reiki but I imagine I have because it is in my line of vision, but the room is a bit large.
It was the beginning of the session, I was still talking, doing a short guided relaxation, and I looked at that print.  I saw the main face, the one face of the whole tree!  I don't know if I've seen it before!!!  I don't think so unless you pointed it out at the Universal Light Expo in Columbus OH.  It had a somewhat feminine quality but not necessarily female.  Eyes closed, mouth as if saying Oh but I felt the tree wanted to speak to my client and then felt it was singing to him.  I only said to the client that nature was present in the room for him and a tree was in the corner and had something to say to him and a then was singing to him....but I don't know if he heard me and we didn't talk about it afterwards.  It was great for me though!"
Blessings and Light,

Mona, Columbus, OH


"Laura, What a beautiful presentation, the love and energy throughout was amazing! For so long I have seen things (elementals) that others seemed to simply overlook. And for way too long I’ve kept these experiences to myself fearful of rejection. I knew it wasn’t so much that the elementals didn’t want to be known as it was a matter of believing for those who couldn’t or wouldn’t acknowledge their existence. It’s truly sad how learned behavior/belief limit our ability to see and honor our experiences. I am so grateful for your gifts, for the courage you’ve shown in speaking your truth, and for the love you share. I am certain your presentations have honored the elemental realms. I will encourage everyone to open their hearts and to experience your presentation knowing that seeing is believing and believing ‘will’ change the world. I am truly honored to be your friend. 

With love and appreciation." – Larry, Salem, OR


"This Guardian Nature telesummit is amazing. You were GREAT Laura Walthers. I can not thank you enough for sharing your wisdom and for making me more aware, I see the world so differently."

Denise, Lafayatte, OR





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