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Enchanted Tree Poster

The 'Enchanted Tree' poster is filled with layers not normally seen by the naked eye. Some faeries have revealed themselves in layers of golden light and others are camouflaged in the photograph. The poster is not two-dimensional but multi-dimensional. It is a portal or doorway into the nature realm.     

This image is an opportunity for your own personal growth. It enables you to witness the wonderment of nature with its many faces and levels of energy in it. Some of the elementals and beings are not in solid form, but can be see with a sharp eye.      

The 'Enchanted Tree' poster transcends culture, time and space. Each of you will have your own experience. Some of the nature beings will hide from you, while the next time they may shape-shift and jump right out at you! Children tend to see more than adults. Have fun discovering our new friends!


A legend comes with each Enchanted Tree poster! It is a numbered puzzle to help you discover the many faeries in the enchanted forest. Children love to share what they 'See'.

Have fun finding the different nature beings in the Enchanted Tree poster!

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Usa only

Enchanted Tree Poster Orders Outside U.S.A.: Please email to this address for single or multiple quantities.

Response will be sent via email with calculated shipping and final purchase cost. Thank you! :-)


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