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Eirlyn, the tree elf


"Take a closer look at the natural life in the Enchanted Forest. Though not normally seen with the naked eye, a lot of activity is going on. The golden beings are a mix of faeries and other types of nature beings.


The golden elf perched on the branch in the middle of the tree entertains you with his energy. His name is Eirlyn (pronounced Air-Lin) Some faeries are a bit shy but he is always ready to play and be a part of the enchantment. Imagine playing with all the joyful beings in this enchanted forest.


Take a peek into their realm on the opposite page. Can you see the small faery lying down on the leaf in the lower right corner? It would get very tiring keeping the forest alive and beautiful.      


They all work in a flow of harmonic love together. It is time to awaken ourselves and embrace them."


Excerpt taken from page 21 of Life In Nature Revealed: Real Photographs of Faeries, Gnomes and Elves by Laura Walthers

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