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How did you first discover the faeries and nature beings in your photography?


In May of 2003, my husband and my daughter, and I were visiting the Pacific Northwest in Washington state. We were hiking in a forest and came to a particular tree I now call the 'Enchanted Tree'. I had my camera with me and wanted to get some photographs of the forest. When I stopped to take this tree a feeling came over me. It was like warm honey and sunshine flowing down inside my body. I asked my husband and he could feel it too. It felt like we were inside a bubble, there was glowing golden light all around us. When I got home from the trip I started looking closer at the photograph and I discovered that it had many beings of nature in it. A layer or dimension of the nature realm had actually been revealed in the image. It was a miracle! That was my first doorway of connection to the nature beings.

Do you communicate with these beings?


Yes, it is mostly on a telepathic and emotional level. I actually felt them before I saw them.

Do you have to be psychic or clairvoyant to capture them in your photographs?


No, you just choose to meet them where they are, which is in a state of joy and love. They work with us all the time. They actually exist in many different frequencies and vibrations. They are what we call multidimensional beings.

What are benefits in connecting with the faeries and nature beings?


They help to enlighten us. They awaken us to our potential and show us how exciting it is to connect with nature. They help us open our hearts and by doing that help us to connect with nature in a more conscious way. We get to see the real beauty of nature on many different levels. For instance, tree spirits can actually help us heal ourselves if we take the time to connect with a tree. Take a moment and sit down and feel the consciousness of the tree in your own yard. You would be amazed at what you could experience if you open yourself to the tree. Even in our gardens you can actually increase the production of vegetable and have flowers that bloom with incredible beauty and fragrance simply by taking the time by connecting with them and experiencing them. They respond to our love just like anyone else.

What is a faery, gnome and nature being?


Depending where you are on the planet, the word faery takes on a different meaning. The American version is tinkerbell, the fairy in Peter Pan. It is really what you would call a nature sprite or sylph. In Ireland the FAERY are really an advanced loving race of Gods and Goddesses that actually lived there and the people believe their lineage was actually mixed in with these beings. A gnome is what you would call an elemental. These are nature beings that work specifically with the Earth. They work with the minerals, soil and plants. They tend to be shorter and stockier than the faeries, mainly because they work with the bigger picture, they literally work with the soil minerals and plants. They also can be very playful and bratty.


The term 'Nature Being' is a broad term for many levels of beings that work in nature. They share their life force and keep everything balanced and beautiful.

How would you advise someone if they wanted to connect with nature and get these nature spirits to actually show up in their photography?


If you really want to connect with them there are two things you need to do. Create an intention to do so and make sure your heart is open.  If your heart isn’t open they can’t stay in your energy very long. Before going out in nature calm yourself, let go of your worries of the day and open up to the concept of an unlimited Universe. Feel the oneness of all creation. When you choose to be a part of ALL THAT IS, you change your vibration. Its as if you open a doorway to a relationship with the elementals when you do this. One of the first signs that you are opening this connection is when you see ORBS in your photographs. This is happening quite frequently nowadays. Did you realize that sometimes you can actually see elementals inside of the orbs? By holding a higher heart energy these Orbs actually become a doorway or lens to another level of consciousness. With the increasing vibration of the planet Earth and use of digital photography it becomes much easier to capture these elementals with your camera. The Orbs could also be other levels of beings, such as Angels, ancestors or even spacial beings. Or simply just energy. 


 - Laura Walthers

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