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Real Photographs of Faeries, Gnomes and Elves
The Faeries and Angels Magazine

Winter 2010 Edition


Have you ever imagined that one day you would have the ability to actually photograph a REAL faery? It happened to me on a walk in an enchanted forest with my family! How did I do it? Let me explain.


It wasn't the camera or the place. It wasn't the season or the time of day. It was my open readiness to the possibilities of seeing what has been with us all along!
Do you remember your relationship with Nature and the faeries when you were a child? Do you remember how pure of heart you were? You didnt have to be convinced faeries existed, you KNEW they were real!  The secret to photographing them is to meet them where they are in a higher frequency where love, joy and Oneness are considered normal.


To access them, we must first calm ourselves, open our hearts and be willing to share with them the reality of unconditional love and respect. We can then permit ourselves to see our reality through a lens where we are without limitation. It requires an open heart, trust and a willingness to release our left-brain perception of reality. It may take a little practice, but once opened, this interdimensional doorway becomes a pathway into nature. The elementals literally become your guides and teachers in this shift of consciousness through the heart.


Using The Gift     

When you first try to photograph them, it is rare that you will see them through your physical eyes because you really don't know what you are looking for. All you see are the shades, shapes and colors of the photograph you took. To shift your vision, you start by setting your intention. Don't demand they present themselves a specific way, just let them tune into you as you open to them. Then calm yourself, open your heart, feel and become the Oneness only then can you ask for them to show themselves. They may even lower their frequency so you can catch a glimpse of them before they playfully dart away. You will learn to trust your intuition and sense them before you take a photograph.

The Enchanted Tree     

When you download the images, you can then return to the higher frequency of calm, stillness and connectedness that you experienced while taking the shots and whoosh you are literally seeing a new reality through the lens of Nature and the elementals! What is amazing is that the photographs literally become flexible and the longer you look at one, the more shapes take form allowing you to see them! Like them, we are beings of light and form. These beings take on forms we recognize! They camouflage themselves in nature. Their colors could be brown, gold, red or green. If you imagine them to have a hat or boots, that is how they may choose to show up. The elementals love and support of humanity are an incredible gift. They teach us how to BE the frequencies of love, harmony, and Oneness as we remember their playfulness we experienced as children.      


The photographs I take are multi-dimensional, having many layers of energy in them. They can help activate your personal potential within the nature realm. Some of the elementals appear not to be in full solid form. I have enlarged a few nature beings on this incredible tree through a magnifying glass for a close-up view:     


The elemental in the right lower corner is what I call a sylph or nature sprite. Her name is Sylphia. Americans see it as a fairy from the Disney stories of Tinkerbell. True Faeries are not little winged beings in nature. They are an ancestral race of Kings and Queens in Ireland called Tuatha De DaNan (pronounced Tootha day DaNan) that live in both the ethereal realm and the mounds of Ireland. At one time they intermingled with the human race. The middle looking glass is of a tree elf, named Eirlyn (pronounced Air-lyn). He is bratty and very wise. (The nature beings reveal their name telepathically). The top looking glass reveals the Grandfather of the tree. Some call him the Green Man.There is no wrong way to see them. It is according to your life experience, your memories and your intuitive gifts. I hope you will allow nature to embrace your heart. Seeing them with your heart is truly the doorway into their realm.     


Remember before you go out in nature make a conscious intent before your journey. Open up to the nature realm and the Oneness in the Universe. This will allow them to take steps to know who you are and form deeper relationships together.

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