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This magnificent redwood tree was photographed by Laura Walthers in Humboldt National State Park-(Avenue of the Giants). 
The digital overlay in the middle of the trunk is an image of the Orion star system.
This image holds a lot of different energies from the Earth and Space. The tree is a portal and acts as a doorway for many beings to come from the stars to visit and connect with you. The tree spirits and nature beings are revealed in the trunk and alongside its trunk bark opening.

Orion Gateway (16 x 20)

SKU: Orion-16x20
  • Take a few deep breaths and feel yourself center and relax. Open your heart and allow the interdimensional connection between Earth and Sky. 

    The redwood tree acts as a grounding current to the higher frequencies. Ask the nature beings in the tree to partner with you on your journey. 

    As you fully come back into your body they can help ground you and gracefully soften the dimensional shift back to your reality. 

    Enjoy the higher vibrations of harmony, love and joy with our brothers and sisters of the cosmos! 

  • Free on ALL orders!

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