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Slyphia the Nature Sprite Faerie in Light Form


Take a closer look at this faerie. It appears as though it is suspended with its wings in a down position. There are hundreds of faeries in this photograph. They are not yet in full density or physical form, so they may appear as lighted beings gathered in clusters. What a miracle to have NATURE unfold before your very eyes!​  This type of nature being is known as a "nature sprite". They can create grids of light over an area to protect them from harmful pollution or cosmic rays. They are called the givers of life.​  Flower Newhouse was a well-know and respected author who could see different levels of faerie. She often spoke about these invisible helpers; "They are smaller in size and are only concerned with the pure beautification of Nature. They exhange their energy with the plants and flowers. This exchange activates the life force in the plants and encourages their growth patterns."


Excerpt taken from page 16 of Life In Nature Revealed: Real Photographs of Faeries, Gnomes and Elves by Laura Walthers

Faerie (nature sprite) in Light Form

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