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Divine Feminine Energy at Shellburg Falls, OR

It was the day after Valentines Day and I could still feel the wonderful uprising of love around the planet and in my heart. When I awoke, I was told by my guides to go out in nature and receive! The divine feminine energy would be there and be open to it. I was with a couple of friends and as we approached this waterfall the energy was very strong. The water was flowing like drumming thunder.

Note: This photo is very enchanted. In the upper left corner where it is a bit blurred, there is a interdimensional doorway. The face in the blurred section feels like Divine Ancient Crone energy. Do you see the faerie in the waterfall? I have a golden arrow pointing at her sweet face. There is also one on the other side.

We opened our hearts and were blessed by the vapors of the waterfall. Divine feminine energy is about 'receiving'. We then sang chants and prayers.

I took this photograph after we were done with our prayers, wow!

I was feeling so much love and looked above my head in gratitude, I took a photo and it revealed a lot of energy!

Of course it wouldn't be a fun journey without some wonderful humor from the nature beings. As I and Elisia Drake came upon this tree, I told her, "Wouldn't it be great if we knew someone that had a full-on beard and we covered it in moss? Then stood him in front of this tree?" So apparently the elementals heard me and they created what they could out of the tree moss, so amazing! ( He is standing on the branch next to the golden arrow.)

Do you also see the face in the tree trunk covered in moss? She is up towards the top.

Lots of love was felt that day. When you are out in nature and start seeing all the hearts—know you are connecting with your heart to nature. That opens the door for magic!

Happy Trails my friend!

Rainbows of love,


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