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Luther, the tree dryad shows up in tree trunk!

If you believe in multi-dimensional consciousness, you will be more likely to create a reality that expresses it! There are doorways within doorways within doorways - Seekers can only find!

As I came upon this tree grove I was standing in a creek. The curved branch and merlin's eye (hole in tree) really drew me in. I first connected with the trees through my heart and then setup my camera to take a shot. I did not see the tree dryad at the time, but I could feel a presence. Being aware of being aware is good practice.

Most people would have taken a different route, but as I trust I will be led to where I need to be - in and out of the forest, I paused and looked around. My husband Paul asked me, "What is his name?" I don't always feel the need to know that but some of the tree spirits enjoy it. So I tuned in and asked him and he told me, Luther. When I looked up the meaning of the name Luther it meant; Lute Player. This was a medieval instrument.

Above Photo: Taken in Proxy Falls, Oregon by Laura Walthers. Luther, the tree dryad in moss on tree trunk! He has a beard and is showing only part of his face.

Above Photo: Medieval Lute instrument. Taken from the Metropolitan Museum of History-New York online page.

Luther told me he can play the Lute so if you hear a musical instrument while reading this it is Luther sending you melodic love through his lute! The above video gives you an idea of how beautiful the sounds are coming from the Medieval Lute. The true nature of nature is to enchant us. It is our choice to become enchanted!

Love from the Tree Dryads and Laura!

May you become Enchanted!


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