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Trees Show Consciousness in Nature!

Living consciously is the doorway to deep connection with any relationship you choose to have. I invite you to walk with me in a forest of trees that are full of conscious life. It was on Earth Day, but every day is Earth Day!

The trees do have personalities like humans and it is so amazing when they reveal some of that personality. I am blessed and honored to share some photographs of tree beings and faeries that wanted to play and reveal themselves! Enjoy!

Above Photo: 'Goddess Tree" - by Laura Walthers in Feyrer Park, Molalla, OR.

My friend Shay had previously visited the park and told me about this tree. She is a gifted clairvoyant and heard the tree telepathically tell her to contact me and take a photograph. She named it the 'Goddess Tree' because that is what the Tree being told her. The Goddess being is very honored in this forest.

Clearly you can see her shape in the tree trunk standing in front with her eyes and smiling face. This tree was loaded with many beings. It actually shaped-shifted as I photographed it. This is another example that we truly live in a multi-dimensional reality. (See new photo below) As you honor yourself and realize YOU are connected to All creation it opens up a new relationship to everything in your reality.

Above Photo: 'Goddess Tree" Take 2 - by Laura Walthers in Feyrer Park, Molalla, OR.

After frolicking around in the forest I decided to take another photograph of the Goddess Tree. With a new perspective I could see more tree beings. The goddess is looking to her left at another being next to her and behind her right shoulder stand two more tree beings! As you gaze into the photograph, pause and open your heart, this give the photo a minute to entrain with your energy. This allows you to 'see' them more easily.

The land space between the Goddess Tree and the tree across from it created a portal. Shay and I could feel a strong connection. Different faces and orbs showed up the tree!

Above Photo: 'Tree Spirit in Tree' - by Laura Walthers in Feyrer Park, Molalla, OR.

You can see I have taken parts of the photo and enlarged it to emphasize the tree spirit and orbs dancing in front of the tree. I feel the white orbs are faeries joining in the energy field with us. I could feel a lot of energy and sent them rainbows of love from my heart! It does appear the man in the tree trunk is sticking his tongue out. This is a regular gesture from the green man or nature beings to show their playfulness. I did not see either of them when actually taking the photograph.

Above Photo: 'Wise One in Forest' - by Laura Walthers in Feyrer Park, Molalla, OR.

Look to the back of this image and you will see the tree that I posted above. It is the one with the orbs in front and tree being. You can see it is full of other energies within the tree trunk. The current tree above I call the 'Wise One'. He has taken a long time to grow that nose of wisdom! :-)

Above Photo: 'The Winking Tree' - by Laura Walthers in Feyrer Park, Molalla, OR.

As I passed by this tree I was guided to look at the end point in the tree trunk. To my surprise it was winking at me! Wow! The tree spirits tend to compete for attention after awhile and I love when they do. They really want us to know how important it is to be light-hearted! Wink! Wink! Wink!

Above Photo: 'The Three Sisters Tree' - by Laura Walthers in Feyrer Park, Molalla, OR.

The three tall pine trees above told Shay they were 'The Three Sisters'. As I tuned into this tree I could feel they wanted us to stand in the middle of them together. As we both got into position I was then guided to clear the energies of the forest with the violet flame. It is purposefully for transmuting old energies. St. Germain is part of the guidance when using the violet flame energies. Shay could see an orange-violet and spoke how beautiful it was afterward. I stepped back to look at the tree and saw a swirling energy on the right trunk of the tree. I have placed an orange arrow next to it. I could see energetically the three sisters dancing. Even though they did not show up as clear as the Elvin, you can see where the tree bark was modified.

The tree is a portal and no surprise that the Elvin in the middle of the tree revealed itself. He looks so peaceful and loved bathing in the violet energies with us.

Sharing these photographs gives a true glimpse into the multi-layers of consciousness that really exist in nature. The elementals give so much of their service to keep nature clear, clean and balanced. It is always an honor to assist an area if guided to do so. I was not given a task to do this beforehand. It was in the moment and so many gifts came back in return! :-)

Above Photo: 'Moss Fro' - by Laura Walthers in Feyrer Park, Molalla, OR.

This tree holds a sweet energy. It was very child-like and I couldn't help but giggle at its Moss Fro Top! It has big puppy dog eyes and sits patiently as the greeter tree in the forest. It stands near the entrance of the park and is seen by anyone who enters.

Now that you have seen the many different faces and expressions in the trees you will be open to all the consciousness that exists in nature!

Go out in Nature and Be Conscious!

Happy Trails!

From Laura and the Winking Tree!

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