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Message from Wilburn, the tree dryad!

Yesterday I was guided by strong energy to take a photo of this white oak tree where I live. It is an ancient white oak with many nature beings in it. The tree dryad named, Wilburn has a message for you:

" I am Wilburn, I live in the tree and connect with those that are open to my energy. In these changing times I am here to serve you with groundedness. It is important for you to stay grounded and centered. I anchor a light into Earth for balance and harmony. You can do this on your own or use my assistance. Be kind to yourself and all of creation."

(Wilburn's eyes are directed by following a white arrow.)

Above Photo: Photo taken by Laura Walthers in Salem, OR, 2021

I hope you enjoy the beautiful energies of this wise one! Wilburn and his friends are here to support you on your earth journey!

Happy Trails my Friends!

From the tree dryads and elementals!

Love, Laura :-)


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