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Aura photo reveals a hand reaching from the Other Side!

Laura Walthers –

If you are not familiar with aura photography: it is a photographic tool for the human eye to see many layers energetically that are not normally seen. With special equipment, you can record and display the electromagnetic energy that comes off a person's body, and transform those readings into a colorful portrait.

It takes about 10 seconds to photograph an aura. First, you place your palms or feet on a pair of metal plates, which are connected to a camera. When the photographer hits the shutter button, the handplates have sensors that send vibrational information to the camera.

Shay Garrison is the photographer that took the aura photo of the young boy in polaroid photograph below. She has been performing aura photography for several decades. She is a gifted healer and clairvoyant. She is able to interpret many layers in the aura photographs that are not normally seen by the naked eye. Through intuition and channeling her guides and angels, she is able to interpret a broad spectrum of not only what the aura colors are, but includes what the guides of the person are telling her in the now moment it was taken.

I interviewed Shay Garrison about the Polaroid Aura photograph of the young boy in above image. Here is her interpretation and channeled information:

Shay: “The boy is walking creatively with the Christ consciousness. He is holding it in his vibration. He is sitting on a huge piece of white selenite crystal and his right-foot is placed on the handplate. To our lower-right in photo, (his left) is standing a huge water being in a bright violet color. The deep blue indigo over his head and hair is part of his family. He comes from a water planet. He works with the water and earth elements.

I have been seeing the blue mist at the top in several aura photos of particularly children. This represents no interference or blocks in corners, it means they are open to receive.”

Laura: What is his particular purpose here?”

Shay: He is here to bring in the higher understanding of the emotions. He works with the dolphins. Dolphin energy is higher love. I could see them coming in and out of the top blue layer in the photo. The water holds all knowledge and wisdom of the planet. His new race has an inner-knowing to co-create their own reality.”

As you can see I enlarged a section of the original photo above. It allows you to see clearly a physical hand is reaching from the other side into the Polaroid Aura photograph .

The interview continues here:

Laura:Is he vibrating? I see movement in the boy’s body?”

Shay: He is vibrating and holding his left foot in both of his hands.”

Laura:Do you see the human hand behind him?”

Shay: “Yes. She has a tattoo on what appears to be her right arm. She is a woman and she is emitting a light turquoise color around him to protect and ground him while he’s here.”

Laura: “I am feeling a strong connection to her. Who is she?”

Shay: “She is Mary Magdalene.”

Laura:Wow, I felt her too and my whole body has chills right now. No wonder the young boy came to hold and teach the love of Christ consciousness.”

Shay: “As I tune into her, I am told Mary Magdalene was part of a circle of 13 women that created a Goddess circle. The henna tattoo on her arm is a symbol of their group. The bright white orb in front of his heart is one of his guides. I also see a lot of faces in the selenite crystal.”

Amazing how the Polaroid Aura photograph revealed Mary Magdalene's presence, reaching her hand through the veil. Clearly the children being born on this planet are here to bring so many gifts of love and light to lift our vibration and move us forward to planetary Unity Consciousness! It is our responsibility to protect and love them unconditionally.

I want to deeply thank Shay Garrison for her insights, wisdom and allowing us to view this precious image.

If interested in scheduling an aura photo party or event, please contact Shay Garrison at:

In Joy, Peace and Love!

Laura Walthers


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