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The Tree Dryad catches your Eye! by Laura Walthers

I see you! Do you see me?

Last summer before I moved, I said goodbye to the many elementals and tree dryads/spirits of the land. As I walked by this elm tree I noticed it had revealed a face in the tree trunk. His one eye was dominant and I could see it clearly.

I tuned into his essence and he told me his name was, Ebb. I thanked him for his service as a guardian to the land. When you love the land it activates a higher connection. And if you open your heart and make new friends with the trees, they will make themselves known.

This particular elm tree showed many different signs of life in other dimensions. One winter I captured a photo of many different colored orbs in the tree branches. One spring in front of the tree on the ground pink crocus bloomed and I did not plant them. It only happened once. I felt it was their way to communicate with me. It was up to me to notice and be aware of it.

Above Photo: Photo of Tree Dryad in Elm Tree by Laura Walthers

Be open to the signs from nature. It is always talking!

I hope you have enjoyed meeting Ebb, the Tree Dryad and find a wonderful tree to connect with in your local neighborhood, forest or back yard!

Happy Trails,

From Laura and the Tree Dryads!


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