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"Star Fae" Sends Starlight From Inside Crystal!

For those of you that love crystals, you may already know crystals are portals or dimensional doorways. They are alive with consciousness and frequency. The faeries have used them to communicate with me by way of interdimensional travel. The photograph below was taken with a small quartz crystal ball. This particular faerie wanted to call herself a "Star Fae". She first appeared as a Blue Faery, then later added to her appearance with "starlight energy". That is when the white Star to her right appeared with a crosshatch of starlight emitting light from her sweet blue face. This occurs because we live in a multidimensional Universe! That is why at this stage on our planet, they show up to reveal themselves in my nature photography. Many of my photographs morph as the planetary energies shift.

It is a sacred blessing and I hope you take it in your heart and feel it too. This particular faery is new to our planet and has come from the stars to gift her love and light. As you gaze at her—breathe in her light! There are others in the quartz crystal supporting her. Can you see their faces? It is so amazing to witness the doorway of higher faerie consciousness.

Above/Below photos: Taken by Laura Walthers - "Star Fae" inside the crystal ball.

As a planetary species, we are evolving beyond just being human, we are integrating and expanding our multidimensional selves. The cosmos always mirrors back to us where we are. These photographs are an example of how nature-and-beyond—are merging on new levels. It is a marvel and up to each one of us as to how we discover it for ourselves.

Many blessings of love and starlight to you from the "Star Fae"!

Happy Trails to the stars and back!




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