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Small faeries revealed flying through nature! - Laura Walthers

This morning in my oracle reading for the day I was told by my faerie guides to go out in nature. Normally you would think I would visit a nearby park or outdoor location, but they wanted me to visit one of the photographs I took in Astoria, OR. I remember walking on a forest path there and suddenly—I tripped! That has happened before, and they usually do it gently, so I slowly fall to the ground. Then I felt a surge go by me as I sat on the ground. I turned, faced the direction I was feeling a whoosh and noticed the small tree trunk in the photo below. At the time I did not see anything, but I could sure feel something. Feelings and senses are how nature beings communicate with you. I often feel them but don't always see them.

Above photo by Laura Walthers

In the photo above there are two arrows. The top arrow is pointing at a pixie figure taking its shape in the tree trunk. It is pointing directly at its profiled face. Even though you may have to use your imagination to make it out, this is an example of how nature beings want you to notice they are there. The second arrow is pointing at a brownish object in motion with a cluster of white faeries on it. I have blown it up so you can view it more clearly. I do also see some faeries in a peach color sitting on whatever it is they created to transport themselves through the forest. As you see, nature spirits can be very tiny. They are not there to hurt you, they want to be your friends. They see you as light and if you feel a whoosh or tingle—know they trust you and take heed to what they are presenting.

If I had not listened to what I was feeling, I would have not taken a photo and missed this opportunity. I love to share ways in which they communicate. I hope your next visit to nature is full of beauty, joy, and magic!

Always be open to endless possibilities!

Happy Trails,

Laura and Whooshing Faeries!


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