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Golden Orb Appears in Multi-dimensionality!

I took this photo at the riverbank of Opal Creek Park, OR years ago. They used to have copper, silver and gold mines in the area which makes the water a gorgeous green and turquoise color from the mineral deposits. It is one of my favorite places to go, because of the wonderful energy it holds. It has over 14,000 acres of uncut forest in the scenic recreation area. As I was looking through some of my favorite photographs I came to this one. You can see the layers of orbs and energy field over the water. I felt a wave of deep connection with the photo and then realized a golden orb appeared above the water as I was looking at it! (See the yellow arrow) I feel it was the doorway for the magical being in the water below to come into form in our dimension. Some see it as a dragon, unicorn or a magical being from another dimension.

Goes to show you that we are living in a multi-dimensional reality!

Rainbows of love!

Happy Trails,


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