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Faeries Bring Lanterns to Drumming Circle

If we pray with intent and send our heartfelt wishes out to the Universe it will not go unheard. Even though we may not SEE or HEAR any results, it always manifests in form. About 5 years ago I moved to Oregon and wanted to give gratitude to Spirit for a safe journey and call in the sacred spirits of the land. I invited some dear friends over to do ceremony under my apple tree.

I lit some lanterns so we could see around the apple tree. Michael Drake performed a wonderful drum ceremony and we all joined in unison and danced around the tree.

As we twirled, danced and giggled around the tree I could feel the spirits joining us. I was so grateful and wanted to send my endearing love to all beings seen and unseen. Little did I know that the faeries were going to show up and— bring their own lanterns!

If you look to your immediate-left I have enlarged the faeries from the photo above. In the lower-left corner is a bright yellow light and other white glowing lights.

That is the faeries holding tiny lanterns! If you move your focus to the original photo and find the white arrow, that is where the faeries show they are gathered together in a round cluster. There are other colored orbs that represent the spirits present. Even though you may not see the faeries, does not mean they are not present!

I hope this encourages you to go out in nature and give thanks! Celebrate nature and all its sacred beauty! Imagine all that you can see is conscious and drink up the wonder and love!

Rainbows of love,

Laura and THE FAERIES!

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