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Faeries and Fairy King revealed in tree!

About a month ago I was guided by Spirit to visit a place I had never been before. I just got in my car and trusted that wherever I went I was to bring light, love and peace. I came upon a small park and could feel the energy emanating from this tree. The tree has 7 trunks. That is usually an old tree and can be a portal. As I approached the tree I took photos and connected with it energetically. I was told by my guide in the photo where my finger was pointing up was a group that lived in Inner Earth and used the tree to transport between the dimensions of Inner Earth and Surface Earth. The face in the tree was looking up at a Faerie King with a robe and crown made of moss!

Right above my finger is a white infinity symbol in the tree trunk. It is partially hidden by the surface moss. That is always a sign there is a portal. The faeries communicate often with that symbol.

2016 - White Oak Tree in Turner, OR

Full view of the Ancient White Oak Tree - Turner, OR

Trusting and Allowing are key in our daily lives. We are experiencing so many new frequencies. This enables our new sense of reality to become flexible and palpable with new levels of love and self. It is a multi-dimensional experience.

Allow the Universe to reveal the wonders and beauty beyond what you have known so far!

Take a LEAP of faith and enjoy the ride!

Rainbow Blessings,

From Laura, the faeries and the star brothers and sisters!

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