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Water is Conscious - Masters and Faeries Revealed in Water!

Photograph taken at 'Royal Terrace Waterfall', McDowell Park, OR, USA

Master Beings and Faeries reveal themselves in Waterfall!

These photographs reveal the sacredness and potential consciousness in water. They are a gift from Source and all the many realms that chose to reveal themselves. As I approached this waterfall I could hear telepathically—to get close. This is a long 2-tiered waterfall and the guides wanted me to capture the water essence close-up. It is a color photo even though it looks very monotone. The mist gives it an ethereal look.

I could feel a lot of energy and trusted they would reveal later what was to be known. I call this conscious photography. I archived the photograph for about a year and a half. Today I was guided to reveal it. It is interesting that yesterday there was a global event that honored the sacredness of water.

As you can see there are three arrows in the above photo. The 1st one on the left is pointing towards the right shoulder of a tall master being that is standing in the misty shadow of the cascading water. The second arrow in the middle reveals many layers of water faeries. They are in a layered form and appear as soft white lights in the flowing water.

Can you see how they formed the lower case letter 'f' in the water? It is on the very top next to the arrow. This represents a sign that they are there.

The third arrow is on the right next to the left shoulder of a master being standing in the shadows of the cascading waterfall.

They ask if you open your heart and breathe in the light from the photograph you will receive a divine blessing!

Mt. Shasta in California, U.S.A.

Photograph taken in Mt. Shasta City Park, Mt. Shasta, CA

Angelic Wizard revealed in Sacred Waters of Mt. Shasta

The above photograph was taken in the city park of Mt. Shasta City, California. The photo was taken with a point-and-shoot camera. The ​soft focus effect of the water in the image is impossible with that type of camera, but as you can see this image reveals the water flow with a soft cottony effect—It was clearly divine intervention. Also, the original photograph had water covering all of the lower portion of the photograph. As I sat and allowed the guides to run energy through me into the photo it started to morph and show a layer underneath in the corner. The leaves and rocks on the lower right corner were revealed! This is clearly an example of living in a multi-dimensional reality.

Mt. Shasta is a huge portal for our beloved Gaia/Mother Earth. There are subterranean cities that exist below Mt. Shasta. Zorra of Hollow Earth describes the water in this particular location, " It is a gift from the Prime Creator, it comes from the Agarthan, Telosian subterranean cities below Mt. Shasta. It is healing water. You can drink it and it will heal you."

The purple arrow is pointing at the Angelic Wizard that took shape in the water to reveal himself. This mountain is known for its sacred, UFO and spiritual activity. I was told that this water being represented Lord Melchizedek. (A very high order of beings that came to the planet to uplift and help maintain a higher frequency of Love. Jesus/Sananda was a part of this high order.)

Angelic Wizard Riding White Horse in Waters of Mt. Shasta

In the 2nd photo I have outlined the water being in gold, but this time I include him riding on his white horse. Can you SEE him? He is behind the reeds of the water bank.

These photographs are gifts to awaken what we already know on some level. Water has a consciousness and can be programmed. Like Dr Emoto and many others have discovered—we can change the molecular structure of water by our thoughts and visual imagery. When you take a bath, or drink a glass of water—feed it love—connect with the water as you are One. This allows it to create with you. I was honored to show this photo to Dr. Masaru Emoto. He was quite enchanted by it!

We all have the ability to heal ourselves and our environment. With your heart tune inward and ask what you can do. Next time you are in nature feel the frequency of water—put your feet or hands in it and create LOVE!

Here is a photo of where the sacred water flows out of the mountain in the City Park of Mt. Shasta City, CA. My friend is dipping and filling her water jug to enjoy the sacred water!

We are the FLOW!

Divine Love and Blessings,

Laura Walthers

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