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Faeries in Tree Hollow!

It was an unusually warm winter day in The Northwest. The temperature was around 56 degrees and no wind. I was being called by the forest friends to visit. I usually take a few sacks with me so if I found some treasures or trash I have them available. I asked if I should bring a few and I heard telepathically that I would find a treasure. I sent telepathic thoughts to the forest beings and land to let them know I would be coming. Not only to play but bring love and light. Because they live in no-time I could easily connect on that level and bridge our connection in preparation.

I took several photographs and as I came to a certain point on the forest trail, I discovered this moss covered maple tree. I had seen it before and actually photographed it , but today it seemed to hold a fresh new frequency or vibration.

I sent it love from my heart and asked if I could photograph it. I could feel it was an active portal and it wanted to share its wisdom. Not all trees are active. Many are and whether they are portals or not, they are alive with consciousness. By choosing to be more aware and connected to trees, this opens your own expansion and sense of oneness with all living things in relationship to your personal self.

(Photo of moss covered maple tree in forest - taken by Laura Walthers)

I and a friend had a wonderful day and did not seem to find any certain treasures. Sometimes I will be led to find an enchanted rock or heart rock. Maybe a unique seed pod, but I felt very content with the beautiful photographs and experience with all the nature beings and natural organic elements. The waterfalls were beautiful and its cool mist refreshed our souls. :-)

After returning home I was guided to look closer at this maple tree. (The faeries often camouflage themselves as moss!)

(Closeup of moss covered maple tree hollow)

To my surprise I actually saw sparks of light fleeting out of the tree's hollow. I knew it was a faerie portal! Can you SEE them? Whether you see them on a physical level or with higher energetic vision, they are there! This was the TREASURE! A glimpse into their realm. Thank you forest beings!

I have inserted two white arrows. The one on your right is pointing at a nature being that appeared to be a guardian. She has fluffy mossy hair. The other white arrow on your left is pointing at a fern. This fern was morphed by the faeries to add a certain energy in the photograph. They have done this before and when I asked what it means, I don't get any specific answer, only that it enhances the energies in the photograph. Like a geometric symbol that emits certain vibrations. This symbol appears to be the letter 'F' to signify the word, Faerie! This is often their signature to let me know they are there.

These images are great tools to meditate or travel with the faeries into their realm. You can use this photograph or discover one in your local forest area. You may wonder how do you find tree portals? That is somewhat of a mystery. Many of them are cloaked to protect their presence. If you come into the forest with love and respect and take the time to allow them to know you and connect with you, eventually you will find a tree that will willingly open up to you. Usually it is one that you are drawn to without thought. Intuitively you will know. This particular tree was up on an incline and to get to it and sit with it I would have trampled and damaged the forest too much. So I took a photograph instead. Enjoy the photographs!

(Waterfall in forest - photo by Laura Walthers)


Happy Trails!

Laura and the GNOMES!

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