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I'm coming out! Not as Gay, Lesbian, Bi or Trans., but as a Galactic Human!

For many years I have been led to places in nature that connect to certain grids or portals on the planet. It is by divine guidance by Source/God that I came here to bridge the New Earth. I was not aware of it in the beginning so my ego would not get in the way. Currently I don't always consciously know why I am to go to certain places but my soul knowingness knows and I trust it. Gaia/Mother Earth, faeries and elementals have gifted their presence and wisdom along with revealing they are here too with us. The nature beings are partnering with us in the Universal expansion of self, the beloved planet and the Universe.

It is a special time to release the past and create space so we can write our future and create a new world together. We are all creators! Recently I was led to a place called, "Devils Punchbowl" in Otter Creek, Oregon. I could feel the richness of energies there. It was a coastal ancient cave that could only be visited during low tide. My husband and I walked the land; beach, tide pools and cave. I knew there was a reason I was in the cave at that time. Below I explain the multi-dimensional experience I had connecting with the location and the photograph taken that day on the Oregon Coast. Here is a link to my facebook page that shows more images and information.

Above photos: Interior Cave of Devil's Punchbowl in Otter Creek, Oregon, by Laura Walthers.

Right Photo: Outline drawn to illustrate the large face that appeared in cave rock wall. White arrows point out the large eye and face of Rock being and other female figures that appeared on cave rock wall.

Above photo: Closeup of Rock Being in cave rock wall.

Above Photo: Women figures revealed on cave rock wall.

I tuned energetically into the visual photograph and what I call; "Scrying" occurred. It is when you see through your third eye, (It is positioned behind the space between eyebrows, connected to the pineal gland.) it is a way of looking past the here and now with another perspective. The photograph started to morph and I could see a huge face and many people. They were from a different timeline and there were women with children and men. I intuitively heard, "Family—echoes in time."

This has occurred several times in the past at other locations and when it does I feel a bridge of energies are connecting. Many of us are being led to locations we have lived before. Some to feel the energies we felt there and others to release old energies to assist Gaia on her journey. We are so deeply connected to Gaia/Mother Earth. As we evolve, so can she. That is why it is so important to BE the galactic humans we really ARE! Humanity was originally seeded by the Galactic Pleiadian Race. Here is a link from Kryon/LeeCarrol that describes it:

Whether you are led to an ancient rock cave, forest, or your own backyard; be present and know within you are much more than human. Along with Source/God there is a higher part of you that is always guiding and assisting with creating your reality. Now the big question is; what do you want to create?

Happy Trails,



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